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[There have been no changes of substance since this page was first posted. There have been some changes in language and some corrections to spelling and grammar. However, if you notice the page has been updated since your last visit, you need not worry that the policy might have changed in ways that are not immediately obvious.]

I have received some very kind words from readers who have discovered these pages and wish to use parts of them for their own teaching. There are many excellent discussions of statistical methods on the World Wide Web, so I'm both pleased and flattered that people find these pages useful.

I'm still trying to figure out the implications and ramifications of posting these notes. I'm happy to have anyone link to them. While there are many ways to link to the Table of Contents, perhaps the most straightforward method is to link to Deep linking to individual notes, without going through the Table of Contents, is permitted, too.

These notes should not be copied in electronic form or modified in any way. There are two reasons for this. First, they are my particular view of statistical practice. They are also a work in progress. While it's unlikely I'll find myself reversing my views on a subject, I may add material or change emphasis. I don't want older version perpetuating themselves. I'd like people to have access to the latest versions only. Second, I don't want to end up in competition with myself! Anyone looking for my notes or being referred to them through a search engine should be sent to my web pages rather than someone else's. I mention these issues so that anyone wishing to propose a use of these notes that I might not have already considered will know what my concerns are.

Instructors are permitted to make paper copies for instructional purposes provided

Please check each academic year to be sure the policy has not changed.

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