The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Ernest Hare          The night before          C. Clement Moore    1923
Roger Wolfe Kahn     Crazy rhythm              Caesar, Meyer, Kahn 1928
Leo Reisman          The Continental           Conrad, Magidson    9/7/34
Harry Richman        Puttin' on the ritz       Berlin              2/30
Shirley Temple       Animal crackers in my     Koehler, Caeser,    1935
                       soup                      Henderson
Eddie Cantor         Hungry women                                  1928
Sophie Tucker        I don't want to get thin  Yellen, Ager        1929
Annette Hanshaw      Fit as a fiddle           Freed, Hoffman,     12/2/32
Billy Jones          Yes, we have no bananas   Silver, Cohn        6/23
Gene Kardos          Now's the time to fall    Sherman, Lewis      1931
                       in love
Bing Crosby          Young and healthy         Dubin, Warren
Boswell Sisters      I found a million dollar  Rose, Dixon, Warren 1931
Ink Spots            With plenty of money and  Dubin, Warren
Fred Astaire         Let's call the whole      G&I Gershwin
                       thing off
Connie Boswell       Hummin' to myself         Magidson, Siegel,
Ambrose              My heart stood still      Rogers & Hart       6/27
Boswell Sisters      Coffee in the morning     Dubin, Warren
Waring's             Let's have another cup    Berlin              2/24/32
  Pennsylvanians       of coffee
Ted Weems            Washing dishes with my    Dixon, Neely,       4/30/30
                       sweetie                   Ringle
Guy Lombardo         Auld Lang Syne                                3/7/39