The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Muggsy Spanier       Dippermouth blues         Oliver              11/10/39
Bix Beiderbecke      Royal garden blues        C&S Williams        10/5/27
Ben Selvin           When Yubba plays the      Hupfeld             6/18/31
                       rhumba on the tuba
Duke Ellington       Accordion Joe             Cornell, Wimbrow    4/22/30
Ted Weems            Harmonica Harry           Baxter              12/2/29
Harry Roy            My last year's gal        Swanstrom, Alter    1934
Mae West             My old flame              Johnston, Coslow    4/34
Sophie Tucker        7 or 11                   Brown, Donaldson    3/23
Bing Crosby          Brother, can you spare a  Harburg, Gorney     1932
Joan Blondell        Remember my forgotten man Dubin, Warren       1933
  Etta Moten
Original Dixieland   Tiger rag                 LaRocca             3/18
  Jazz Band
Duke Ellington       Tiger rag, pts 1&2        LaRocca             3/18
Original Dixieland   Tiger rag                 LaRocca             9/14/34
  Jazz Band
Cliff Edwards        Reaching for someone &    Leslie, Donaldson
                       not finding anyone there
Ruth Etting          I'm nobody's baby         Davis, Agar, Santly 3/27
Cliff Edwards        It's only a paper moon    Harburg, Rose, Arlen 1933
Annette Hanshaw      Moonlight savings time    Kahal, Richman      5/9/31
Paul Whiteman        Waiting at the end of     Berlin              9/13/29
                       the road