The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Al Jolson            In 7th heaven             Dryer, Jolson, Rose 1929
Harry Roy            Bugle call rag            Pettis, Meyers,     5/24/33
Dave Harman          We're out of the red      Brown, Gorney       4/3/34
Ben Selvin           Happy days are here again Yellen & Ager       1930
Dick Powell          Gold diggers's song       Dubin & Warren      1933
Ted Weems            My troubles are over      Leslie, Monaco      12/7/28
Libby Holman         Am I blue?                Akst, Clarke        7/29
Al Jolson            Blue River                Bryan, Meyer        10/27
Sophie Tucker        Blue River                Bryan, Meyer        9/1/27
Jean Goldkette       Blue River                Bryan, Meyer        9/15/27
Brox Sisters         Red hot mama              Wells, Cooper, Rose 10/4/24
Fletcher Henderson   Red hot mama              Wells, Cooper, Rose 5/6/24
Sophie Tucker        I'm the last of the red   Bryan, Meyer        9/1/27
                       hot mamas
Al Jolson            Wedding bells             Lewis, Young,       9/13/17
Cab Calloway         Minnie the moocher's      Koehler, Arlen      4/20/32
                       wedding day
Eddie Cantor         Makin' whoopee            Kahn, Donaldson     1928
Paul Whiteman        'T'ain't so, honey,       Robinson            6/10/28
                       't'ain't so
Paul Whiteman        That's my weakness now    Green, Stept        6/17/28
Paul Whiteman        Because my baby don't     Robinson            6/18/28
                       mean maybe now
Whispering Jack Smith My blue heaven           Donaldson, Whiting  10/1/28