The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

                             Halloween Special!!!

                     I'm a ghost!
Ray Noble            Haunted house             Kester, Noble       10/23/31
Don Redman           Got the jitters           Rose, Webster, Leeb 1/9/34
Frankie Trumbauer    Shivery stomp             Ellis               5/21/29
Rudy Vallee          With her head tucked      Harris, Lee, Weston 6/2/37
                       underneath her arm
Cab Calloway         Ghost of Smokey Joe       Koehler, Bloom      3/28/39
Lee Morse            'Tain't no sin to (dance  Donaldson, Leslie   2/27/30
                       around in your bones)
Al Bowlly            Marie                     Berlin              1/4/38
Rhythm Wreckers      Marie                     Berlin              1/4/38
Gene Lardos          Freddy the freshman                           11/13/31
                   Soundtrack to "Betty Boop in Red Hot Mama"
Ethel Waters         Miss Otis Regrets         Porter              8/20/34
Cab Calloway         St. James Infirmary       Primerose           12/23/30
Gene Kardos          Zombie                    Kardos              6/26/34
Ted Weems            Mysterious Mose           Walter Doyle        9/13/26
Cab Calloway         Old man of the mountain   Young, Brown        6/9/32
Louis Armstrong      I'll be glad when you're  Theard              4/28/31
                       dead, you rascal, you
Guy Lombardo         Did you ever see a dream  Gordon, Revel       11/27/33