The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Al Jolson            There's a rainbow round   Jolson, Rose,       8/20/28
                       my shoulder               Dryer
Jack Payne           My baby just cares for me Donaldson           10/15/30
Libby Holman         When a woman loves a man  Rose, Rainger       1/30
Annette Hanshaw      Precious little thing     Davis, Coots        1929
                       called love             
Charles King         Wedding of the painted    Freed, Brown        1929
Fletcher Henderson   12-th Street rag          Bowman, Razaf       10/31
Bennie Moten         18-th Street strut        Moten Orchestra     5/14/25
Boswell Sisters      42-nd Street              Dubin, Warren       4/11/32
Charles King         Broadway melody           Freed, Brown        4/29
Boswell Sisters      Lullaby of Broadway       Dubin, Warren       7/19/35
Clayton, Jackson,    Can Broadway do without   Durante             1929
  Durante              me?
Waring's             Goodbye Broadway, hello   Rose, Dixon, Warren 3/29/48
  Pennsylvanians       Montreal
Kate Smith           When the moon comes over  Smith, Woods,       1/7/31
                       the mountains             Johnson
Connie Boswell       Blue moon                 Rogers & Hart       1/15/35
Ruth Etting          Dancing in the moonlight  Kan, Donaldson      1934
Jean Goldkette       Sunny disposish           I Gershwin, Charig  
Harry Richman        On the sunny side of the  Fields, McHugh      1930
Maurice Chevalier    Living in the sunlight,
                       loving in the moonlight
Ted Weems            Chick, chick, chick,                          9/13/26
Isham Jones          Goodnight, sweet dreams                       3/31/31