The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Boswell Sisters      Alexander's ragtime band  Berlin              5/23/34
Armstrong/Mills Bros In the shade of the old   van Alstyne,        6/29/37
                       apple tree                Williams
Mills Bros           Nobody's sweetheart       Schoebel, Erdman,   10/31
                                                 Kahn, Meyers
Bing Crosby          So the bluebirds and the  Barris, Moll        1929
                       blackbirds got together
Mills Bros           Nobody's sweetheart       Schoebel, Erdman,   10/12/31
                                                 Kahn, Meyers
                     Betty Boop's Ker-choo
Helen Kane           Button up your overcoat   deSylva, Brown,     1/30/29
Ruth Etting          Button up your overcoat   deSylva, Brown,     3/11/29
Waring's             Tea for two               Caesar, Youmans     1/10/30
Ink Spots            Java jive                 Oakland, Drake      7/16/40
Ted Weems            You're the cream in my    deSylva, Brown,     10/19/28
                       coffee                    Henderson    
Cab Calloway         Kicking the gong around   Koehler, Arlen      12/18/33
Russ Morgan          The merry-go-round broke  Friend, Franklin    4/29/37
Boswell Sisters      The music goes round &    Riley, Farley,      1/6/36
                       round                     Hodgson
Bowlly / Noble       Down by the river         Rogers & Hart       2/2/35
Smith / Lombardo     River stay away from my   Dixon, Woods        8/12/31
Jean Goldkette       Blue river                Bryan, Meyer        9/15/27
Arthur Tracy         Music, maestro, please    Madigson, Wrubel    10/18/38
Mills Bros           The song is ended         Berlin              12/17/37
Fats Waller          You meet the nicest       Hoffman-Kurtz       6/28/39
                       people in your dreams