The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Jean Goldkette       Sunday                    Miller, Styne,       1926
Irving Aaronson      Crazy words, crazy tune                        1927
Ted Weems            Oh! If I only had you     Kahn, Friend        7/19/26
Ella Fitzgerald      I'll chase the blues away Sampson, Harrison   6/12/35
Ben Selvin           Shakin' the blues away    Berlin              8/25/27
Don Redman           Shakin' the Afrikan       Koehler, Arlen      9/24/31
Fats Waller          Music, Maestro, please    Madigson, Wrubel    12/28/38
Geroge Hall          I won't dance             Fields, Kern, 
                                                McHugh, Hammerstein
Ruth Etting          Ten cents a dance         Rogers, Hart         3/4/30
Fred Waring &        Collegiate                Jaffe, Bonx           1925
George Olsen & Music Doin' the raccoon         Klages, Coots         1928
                     Varsity drag              deSylva, Brown,       1927
McKinney's Cotton    4 or 5 times              Gay, Hellerman       7/11/28
Cab Calloway         6 or 7 times              Mills, Waller        6/11/31
Annette Hanshaw      True blue Lou             Robin, Coslow,       7/24/29
Cab Calloway         Eadie was a lady          deSylva, Brown,
                                                Whiting            12/7/32
Jimmie Lunsford      Miss Otis regrets         Porter               9/5/34
Annette Hanshaw      I just roll along         Tront, DeRose        2/28
Rudy Vallee          Let's put out the lights  Hupfield              1932