The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Jelly Roll Morton's  Dr. Jazz                  Melrose, Oliver    12/16/26
  Red Hot Peppers    Cannonball Blues          JRM                12/16/26
Bix Beiderbecke      Thou swell                Rogers & Hart       4/17/28
Ted Lewis            Is everybody happy now?   Reubens, Osterman, 11/18/27
                     Frankie & Johnny          Leighton, Leighton, 4/21/27
                     When my baby smiles at me Munro, Sterling,   11/22/27
Sophie Tucker        That's where the south    Shapiro, Yellen      10/30
Ted Weems            The man from the South    Bloom, Woods       12/2/29
Phil Harris          That's what I like about  Harris             1930+15
                         the South
Van & Shenck         Get out and get under the Tobias, Shay,      1928
                         moon                      Jerome
Helen Kane                     "                                  7/16/28
Paul Whiteman                  "                                  1928
Ruth Etting          Me!                       Irving Berlin
Gus Arnheim           "
Connie Boswell       Me minus you
Louis Armstrong's    Struttin' with some                          12/9/27
   Hot 7                 barbecue
Red Nichols          Indiana                                      1929
Boswell Sisters      Mood Indigo