The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Maurice Chevalier    You brought a new kind    Fain, Kahal,       1930
                        of love to me            Norman
Ted Weems            Miss Wonderful            Ward, Bryan        13-Sep-29
Bing Crosby          Louisiana                 Razaf, Schafer,    23-Apr-28
Sophie Tucker        That's where the south    Shapiro, Yellen    Oct 1930
Louis Armstrong      I'm a ding-dong daddy     Baxter             21-Jul-30
                        from Dumas
Guy Lombardo         Under the spell of the    Ruby, Dryer,       27-Nov-28
                       blues                     Johnston              
Guy Lombardo         Stormy weather            Koehler, Arlen     12-Apr-33
Bing Crosby          I found a million dollar  Rose, Dixon,        1931?
                       baby                      Warren
Bob Crosby           Muskrat ramble            Ory                13-Apr-36
Bob Crosby           Ooh! Looka there ain't    Todd, Lombardo     19-Mar-36
                        she pretty
Paul Whiteman        I'm in the seventh        Jolson, deSylva,   5-Apr-29 
                        heaven                   Brown, Henderson
Bing Crosby          My honey's loving arms    Ruby, Meyer         1932
Sammy Fain           My sweeter than sweet     Whiting, Marion Jr. Nov 1929
Annette Hanshaw      Ain't he sweet?           Ager, Yellen       28-Jan-27
Annette Hanshaw      Would you like to take a  Dixon, Warren,     20-Jan-31
                        walk?                    Rose
Annette Hanshaw      You wouldn't fool me      deSylva, Brown,    15-Mar-29  
                        would you?               Henderson
Cliff Edwards        Love is just around the   Robin, Gensler     19-Oct-34
Ted Weems            Climbing up the ladder    Kahn, Friend       13-Sep-26
                        of love
Ted Weems            She'll never find a       O'Keefe, Archer    24-Aug-27
                        fellow like me
Ted Weems            Oh! If I only had you     Kahn, Friend       19-Jul-26