The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Maurice Chevalier    Louise                    Robin, Whiting     1929
Ted Weems            What a day                                   25-Jun-29
Paul Whiteman        Louise                    Robin, Whiting     15-Mar-29
Paul Whiteman        Louise                    Robin, Whiting     17-Apr-29
Rhythm Boys          Louise                    Robin, Whiting     10-Apr-29
Coon-Sanders         Louise, you tease                            21-Dec-25
Fred Astaire         I love Louisa             Dietz & Schwartz   1931
Bing Crosby          Louisiana                 Razaf, Schafer,    21-Sep-28
Fats Waller          Louisiana fairy tale      Parrish, Gillespie 6-Mar-35
Lew Stone            Louisiana hayride         Schwartz           9-Jan-34
Chester Gaylord      Reaching for someone      Leslie, Donaldson  June 1929
Bing Crosby          The spell of the blues    Ruby, Dryer,       26-Jan-29
Cliff Edwards        Blues my naughty sweetie  Swaratone,          ca 1930
                        gives to me              McCarron, Morgan  
Annette Hanshaw      Am I blue?                Akst, Clarke       31-May-29
Jimmy Noone          Am I blue?                Akst, Clarke       11-Jul-29
Ethel Waters         Am I blue?                Akst, Clarke       14-May-29
Cliff Edwards        I'm a bear in a lady's    Edwards            25-Oct-23