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Maurice Chevalier    Sweeping the clouds away  Coslow             1930
Ted Weems            My troubles are over      Leslie, Monaco     7-Dec-28
Original Dixieland   At the jazz band ball     La Rocca, Shields  16-Apr-19
   Jazz Band
Irving Mills         At the prom                                  23-May-29
Shirley Temple       At the codfish ball       Mitchell, Pollack  1936
King Oliver          Frankie and Johnny        trad.              15-Jan-30
Ted Lewis            Frankie and Johnny        Leighton, Leighton 21-Apr-27
                                                   & Shields
Ted Lewis            She's funny that way      Moret, Whiting     5-Dec-28 
George Olsen         All American girl         Al Lewis           2-Sep-32
Six Jumping Jacks    Sweetheart of six other                      13-Apr-28
Sophie Tucker        Aren't women wonderful    Shapiro, Hill      30-Aug-28
Langford, Armstrong, Pennies from heaven       Johnston, Burke    17-Aug-36
Bing Crosby          Did you ever see a dream  Gordon, Revel
Bing Crosby          Waiting at the end of     Berlin             13-Sep-29
                        the road
Ipana Troubadors     My strongest weakness     Akst, Clarke       11-Oct-29
                        is you
     "               I want to be happy        Ceasar, Youmans    1929
Roy Fox              Them there eyes           Pinkard, Tracey,   10-Mar-31