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Maurice Chevalier    Hello beautiful           Walter Donaldson   1931
Ted Weems            She'll never find a       O'Keefe, Archer    24-Aug-27
                        fellow like me
Fats Waller          My very good friend--     Burke, Spina       24-Jun-35
                        the milkman
Shirley Temple       Animal crackers in my     Koehler, Caeser,    1935
                       soup                      Henderson
Phil Harris          Pink elephants            Woods, Dixon       '32-'33
Jelly-Roll Morton's  Mr. Jelly Lord            Morton             23-Feb-26
  Red Hot Peppers    
Sophie Tucker        After you've gone         Creamer, Layton    11-Apr-27
Jelly-Roll Morton's  Black bottom stomp        Morton             15-Sep-26
  Red Hot Peppers    
George Hall          I won't dance             Fields, Kern, 
                                                McHugh, Hammerstein
Ruth Etting          Dancing with tears in     Dubin, Burke       2-Jun-30
                        my eyes
Rudy Vallee          Dancing in the moonlight  Kahn, Donaldson    2-Feb-34
Red Nichols,         A Hot time in the old     Mertz, Day,        7-Mar-27
   Miff Mole            town tonight              Hunter
Bix Beiderbecke      At the jazz band ball     LaRocca, Shields   5-Oct-27
Mugsy Spanier        At the jazz band ball     LaRocca, Shields   10-Nov-39
Spirits of Rhythm    I got rhythm              G Gershwin         20-Sep-33
Bing Crosby          I've got the world on a   Koehler, Arlen     26-Jan-33
Dick Powell          I've got my love to keep  Berlin             6-Feb-37
                        me warm
Jelly-Roll Morton's  Dr. Jazz                  Melrose, Oliver    12/16/26
  Red Hot Peppers