The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Louis Armstrong      Muskrat Ramble            Ory                26-Feb-26
Duke Ellington       Black and tan fantasy     Ellington, Miley   3-Nov-27
Bernie Cummins New   Minnie the Mermaid        deSylva            1930
  York Hotel Orch
George Olsen         Horses                    Gay, Whiting       4-Mar-26
Sophie Tucker        My canary has circles     Kohler, Polla,
                        under his eyes            Garden
Ted Weems            Chick, chick, chick,      Holt, McGee,        9/13/26
                       chicken                    King
Shirley Temple       On the good ship Lollipop Clare, Whiting      1934
Fred Astaire         Babbit and the bromide    G&I Gershwin        1928
Mills Blue Rhythm    Minnie the Moocher        Calloway, Mills    23-Mar-31
Cab Calloway         Minnie the moocher's      Koehler, Arlen     20-Apr-32
                       wedding day
Duke Ellington       The Mooche                Ellington, Mills   1-Oct-28
Ruth Etting          Life is a song            Young, Ahlert      5-Apr-36
Maurice Chevalier    Walking my baby back home
Snooks and his       Hello beautiful                              27-Jan-31
  Memphis Stompers
Annette Hanshaw      My blackbirds are         Friend, Caesar     19-Oct-28
                       bluebirds now