The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Ted Weems            Piccolo Pete              Phil Baxter        28-Jun-29
Ted Weems            Saturday night to         Dubin & Marr       20-Sep-27
                         Monday morning
Nick Lucas           Tiptoe through the        Dubin, Burke       9-May-29
Whispering Jack      Me and my shadow          Rose, Jolson,      28-Apr-27
   Smith                                         Dryer
Savoy Orpheans       Baby face                 Davis, Akst        13-Oct-26
Al Jolson            When the red, red, robin  Woods              June 1926
Al Jolson            Rock-a-bye your baby      Lewis, Young,      20-Dec-32
                       with a Dixie melody       Schwartz
Al Jolson            California, here I come   Jolson, deSylva,   17-Jan-24
Libby Holman         When a woman loves a man  Rose, Rainger      Jan 1930
Ruth Etting          Stay as sweet as you are  Gordon, Revel      21-Nov-34
Savoy Havanah Band   Masculine women, feminine Leslie, Monaco     26-Feb-26
Ink Spots            Christopher Columbus      Berry, Razaf       18-Jun-36
Fred Astaire         We saw the sea            Berlin             1936
Hoagy Charmichael    Barnacle Bill, the        Robinson, Luther   21-May-30
  & Orchestra           sailor
Mound City Blue      High Society              Piron, Williams    12-Dec-35
    "                Muskrat Ramble            Ory                12-Dec-35
Jimmie Lunceford     Black and tan fantasy     Ellington, Miley   4-Sep-34