The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Maurice Chevalier    Hello, Beautiful
Annette Hanshaw      Get out and get under     Tobias, Shay,      May 1928
                       the moon                  Jerome
Cliff Edwards        It's only a paper moon    Rose, Harburg,     26-Oct-33
Helen Kane           Me and the man in the     Leslie, Monaco     20-Dec-28
Ruth Etting          Keep sweeping cobwebs     Lewis, Young,      Dec 1927
                       off the moon              Levant
Ted Weems            Oh! If I only had you     Kahn, Friend       19-Jul-26
Fletcher Henderson   I miss my Swiss           Baer, Gilbert      7-Aug-25
Little Ramblers      My cutie's due at two-    von Tilzer, Bibs,  17-Aug-26
                       to-two today              Robin
Cliff Edwards        Halfway to heaven         Robinson           15-Aug-28
Ben Selvin           This is the missus        Brown, Henderson   13-Aug-31
Duke Ellington       It don't mean a thing     Ellington          2-Feb-32
Dorsey Brothers      Shine on, harvest moon    Bayes, Norworth    Aug 1931
Connie Boswell       Blue moon                 Rogers & Hart      15-Jan-35
Ted Lewis            Dip your brush in the     Johnson, Razaf     13-Apr-31
Little Ramblers      And then I forget         Davis, Burke       17-Aug-26