The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Eddie Cantor         If you knew Suzie         deSylva, Meyer      1925
Glen Grey            Casa Loma Stomp           Eugene Gifford      1930
Ethel Waters         Stormy Weather            Arlen, Koehler      3-May-33
Al Jolson            There's a rainbow round   Jolson, Rose,       20-Aug-28
                       my shoulder               Dryer
Harry Richman        On the sunny side of      Fields & McHugh     1930
                       the street
Hal Kemp             Got a date with an angel  Grey, Miller,
                                                Waller, Tunbridge  14-Jul-37
Ozzie Nelson         Dream a little dream of   Kahn, Andre,        1931
                       me                       Schwandt
Rudy Vallee          Love is the sweetest      Noble               6-Sep-33
Rudy Weidoeft's      Sheik of Araby            Snyder              Nov-1921
Sophie Tucker        Old King Tut              Jerome, von Tilzer  Mar-1923
Ted Weems            Egyptian Ella             Walter Doyle        28-Oct-30
Bing Crosby          If I had a talking        deSylva, Brown,     16-Oct-29
                       picture of you            & Henderson
Annette Hanshaw      (I'm a dreamer)                "              4-Dec-29
                        Aren't we all
High Hatters                "                       "              9-Oct-29
Lloyd Keating        Turn on the heat               "              11/8/29
Rudy Vallee          You try somebody else          "              1931