The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

                     Betty Boop's Ker-choo
Rudy Vallee          Heigh-ho, Everybody       Woods               6/3/29
George Hall          A picture of me without   Cole Porter         9/27/35
Rudy Vallee          You ought to be in        Heyman, Suesse      3/4/34
Bing Crosby          If I had a talking        deSylva, Brown &    10/16/29
                       picture of you            Henderson
Billy Jones          Yes, we have no bananas   Silver & Cohn       6/23
Eddie Cantor         I've got the Yes!  We     Hanly, King, Brown  7/26/23
                       have no bananas blues
Gene Kardos          Now's the time to fall    Sherman & Lewis     1931
                       in love
Andrews Sisters      Bei Mir Bist du Schon     Secunda, Jacobs,    11/37
                                               Cahn, Chaplin
Al Bowlly                     "                      "             1/4/38
Ella Fitzgerald               "                      "             12/21/37
Guy Lombardo                  "                      "             12/15/37
Rudy Vallee          Stein Song                Fenstad-Colcord     2/10/30
     "               The drunkard's song       Vallee
     "               Life is just a bowl of    Henderson, Brown    1931
Van & Schenck        Ain't we got fun?         Whiting             4/21/21
Eddie Cantor         Making whoopee            Donaldson, Kahn     12/17/28
Rudy Vallee          Let's put out the lights  Hupfeld             1932
                       and go to bed