The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Boswell Sisters      It's the girls            Oppenheimer, Baer   7/8/31
Carroll Gibbons      The Blue Room             Rogers & Hart       7/1/27
Ruth Etting          Love me or leave me       Donaldson, Kahn     12/17/28
                     Ten cents a dance         Rogers & Hart       3/2/30
Ruth Etting          Let me sing and I'm happy Berlin              3/25/30
                     I'm nobody's baby
Boswell Sisters      Shine on harvest moon     Norworth, Bayes     8/27/31
                     When I take my sugar to   Fain, Kahal,        3/19/31
                        tea                      Norman
                     Rock and roll             Clare, Whiting      10/4/34
Annette Hanshaw      Daddy, won't you please   Coslow              5/31/29
                        come home
                     You wouldn't fool me,     deSylva, Brown,     3/15/29
                       would you                 Henderson
                     True blue Lou             Robin, Coslow,      7/24/29
Fanny Brice          Second hand Rose                              1921
Libby Holman         When a woman loves a man  Rose, Rainger       1/30
Lee Morse            Keep sweeping cobwebs                         12/27
                       off the moon
                     Blue turning grey over    Waller, Razaf       1/16/30
                     Nobody cares if I'm blue  Akst, Clarke        7/7/30
Annette Hanshaw      I just roll along         Tront, DeRose        2/28