The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Cliff Edwards        A great big bunch of you  Dixon & Warren      5/4/32
The Revelers         The Blue Room             Rogers & Hart       6/8/26
Carroll Gibbons            "                        "              7/1/27
Frank Trumbauer      Wait'll you see           Robin, Whiting      4/17/29
                        "Ma Cherie"
Maurice Chevalier           "                        "
Rudy Vallee          This is the missus        Brown, Henderson    8/7/31
Charles King         Wedding of the painted    Freed, Brown        1929
Eddie Cantor         Mandy                     Berlin              9/12/34
Ted Weems            Washing dishes with my    Dixon, Neely,       4/3/30
                        sweetie                  Ringle
Al Bowlly            The very thought of you   Noble               4/21/34
Connie Boswell       Time on my hands          Youmans, Adamson,   11/2/31
Paul Whiteman        Your mother and mine      Goodwin, Edwards    5/16/29
Cliff Edwards        I'm going to give it to   Edwards             10/25/33
                        Mary with love
Sophie Tucker        He hadn't up till         Wright, Haines,     8/28/28
                        yesterday               Tucker, Meskill
Jean Goldkette       In my merry Oldsmobile    Edwards             5/23/27
Lee Morse            Side by side              Harry Woods         3/16/27
Paul Whiteman             "                       "                1927
Al Bowlly            Love is the sweetest      Noble               9/8/32