The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Jack Hylton          Button up your overcoat   deSylva, Brown,     9/9/29
Ted Weems            She'll never find a       O'Keefe, Archer     8/24/27
                        fellow like me
Bing Crosby          My honey's loving arms    Ruby, Meyer         1932
Annette Hanshaw      I love a ukulele          Fields, Hall        4/17/30
Frank Crumit         Ukulele lady              Whiting, Kahn       6/10/25
George Formby        With my little ukulele    Cottrell            7/1/33
                        in my hand
Duke Ellington       The Mooche                Ellington, Mills    4/3/30
     "               Black and tan fantasy     Ellington, Miley    6/12/30
     "               East St. Louis toodle-oo  Ellington, Miley    4/3/30
     "               Double check stomp        Bigard, Braud,      6/12/30
Jimmy Noone         Let's sow a wild oat       Gay                 12/27/28
Bix Beiderbecke     Somebody stole my gal      Wood                4/17/28
     "              Thou swell                 Rogers & Hart       4/17/28
Guy Lombardo        We just couldn't say       Woods               7/27/32
                    Moonlight savings time     Kahal, Richman      4/29/31
                    The love bug will bite you Tomlin              3/17/37
Sophie Tucker       That's where the South     Shapiro Yellen      10/30