The Blue Room             91.7 WPAA, Andover          host: Jerry Dallal 

Ruth Etting          Button up your overcoat   deSylva, Brown,     3/29
Fred Waring &        Collegiate                Jaffe, Bonx           1925
George Olsen & Music Doin' the raccoon         Klages, Coots         1928
                     Varsity drag              deSylva, Brown,       1927
Mills Brothers       My little grass shack in  Cogswell, Harrison  2/24/34
                        Kealakekua               Noble
Boswell Sisters      There's a wah-wah girl    Walter Donaldson    ca 1930
                        in Agua Caliente
Sophie Tucker        Makin' wicky-wacky down   Hoffman, Lane       1/31
                        in Waikiki
Ted Lewis            Somebody stole my gal     Leo Wood            1930
Ethel Waters         Am I blue?                Akst, Clarke        1929
Lee Morse            Nobody cares if I'm blue  Akst, Clarke        7/30
Jimmy Noone          Cryin' for the Carolines  Lewis, Young,       2/6/30
Jimmy Noone          True blue Lou             Robin, Coslow,      9/24/29
Jimmy Noone          Blues my naughty sweetie  Swaratone,          8/23/28
                        gives to me              McCarron, Morgan  
Cliff Edwards             "                                        ca 1930
Ted Weems            Oh, Mo'nah!               Washburn, Weems     9/24/31
Fletcher Henderson   I miss my Swiss           Baer, Gilbert       8/7/25
Paul Whiteman        San                       McPhail, Michaels   1/12/28